There has been a problem with updating recently

I have two computers in the house, one on Vista and one on Windows 7. After a recent Panda update to both of them, there were problems. With Vista, just a message (in Spanish !) that Panda was deactivated, and the Windows message that anti-virus was not working. With Windows 7 this did not happen, but the computer would no longer connect to the internet (except with "limited availablity", i.e. nothing obvious).


So with the Vista, I uninstalled Panda from the Control Panel, and downloaded it fresh from the website. This was then OK. I did the same with Windows 7. As soon as I had uninstalled it , the computer connected fully to the internet automatically, and I was able to dowload it fresh.


Scanning both computers, there was nothing (except the usual 3 cookies), and all has been well since.


Has anybody else had this ? Watch out for it.



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