Clean Only Infected Files in Zip

It would be nice if we could clean only the infected files in a zip file, and not delete the rest of the files.


A client's website is getting moved to a new server. Unfortunately it is infected with malware. Their only copy of the website is the copy on the web server, and to transfer the website, all the files get compressed into a zip.

When trying to extract the file, Panda sees there is malware in the file and stops decompressing it. What I need is for the malware to be deleted, and the good files saved, so that I have a clean version of the website, so I can upload it to the new server.

Currently the only choices I have are:

1.) Turn off Panda so I can unzip the file, and then turn Panda back on and scan the files (which is not really a good idea).

2.) Download the website without unzipping it first. But since the website has thousands of files, and GB of data, this will take all night, and transfer errors may cause some files to be missing or corrupted.

So a way to clean a zip file, without deleting the good files, would be nice.



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